There is no doubt that the EV market in Surrey is taking off. Walk into any car dealership and try to find an electric vehicle available for sale and you’ll find the waitlists are months long. While increasing EV demand is an important step in the right direction when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, more EVs on the road will also make accessing EV charging stations increasingly competitive.

When it is no longer practical to rely on commercial EV charging infrastructure, it may be time to consider another option- an at-home EV charger installation.

The Benefits of Having Your EV Charger in Surrey

If you own or are considering an EV or a PHEV (plug-in hybrid), you have two options for keeping your battery powered up, commercial chargers, or charging at home. All-electric vehicles come with a level 1 charger. This type of EV charger plugs into your standard household 120-volt outlet which is the same kind you would use to run a blender or charge your phone. Since many homes are already equipped with this type of outdoor outlet, it is a convenient and inexpensive option.

However, there are a few drawbacks to charging your EV with a level 1 charger.

Level 1 chargers are not as powerful as other EV chargers and can take up to 24 hours to fully charge a single-vehicle. Additionally, if you have more than one EV, you will also need a second dedicated outlet since these outlets can only charge one car at a time. This can present a challenge to households in Surrey that rely on having an optimally charged EV for long daily commutes and busy schedules.

A level 2 EV charger solves these problems by providing a fast and affordable way to charge your EV at home.

Unlike a level 1 charger which operates off 120-volts, a level 2 charger runs off a 240-volt plug. A level 2 charger can deliver an optimal 80% battery charge in as little as 4 hours, and for families with more than one EV, chargers like the JuiceBox 32 can have multiple units share power from one circuit.

Equipping your home with a level 2 charger will require professional installation by a certified electrician. There are serval benefits to having one that a level 1 charger cannot replicate.


Convenience is a significant consideration for most families who rely on their vehicles for transportation to and from work, school, and errands. With a level 2 charger, you never have to worry about waiting for your vehicle to charge. These chargers can add up to 50 km to your vehicle range an hour, compared to less than 10 with a level 1 charger.


At-home chargers also provide you with maximum control over your charging. Level 2 chargers come equipped with smartphone apps that help you monitor your battery charge remotely thereby giving you the power to control your charge from anywhere.

Cost Savings

Did you know that in British Columbia, it is approximately 30% cheaper to charge an EV at home than to rely on commercial charging stations? Depending on how many kilometers you put on your car in a week, your level 2 charging station may quickly pay for itself.

Added Value

As the number of EVs on the road continues to grow, having a home equipped with a level 2 charger could be seen as a significant selling feature, enticing buyers and adding value to your home.

There is no doubt that EVs are the vehicles of the future here today. With demand on public charging infrastructure only rising, EV charger installation at home in Surrey just makes sense.