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3 Ways to Reduce Lighting Maintenance Expenses

Unexpected light bulb burnouts and failures can occur without notice. They can be quite a headache since it’s difficult to schedule repairs on such short notice. They also make it impossible to budget for facilities and even harder to keep that budget. We have three simple solutions to reduce your lighting maintenance problems:

Switching in bulk means replacing an area’s lighting all at once. It is a proactive approach to reducing unplanned burnouts and subsequently unplanned repairs. By replacing an area’s lights all at once (and ideally with the same model), you ensure that the area’s lighting all have the same or similar lifespan, meaning they will likely burnout around the same time and require replacements around the same time. This practice greatly reduces the amount of times an area needs to be serviced, effectively reducing the need for hired help, generating savings for you.

Retrofitting to LEDs is the best long-term solution for reducing maintenance costs. In addition to consuming substantially less energy than other types of light bulbs, LEDs also have a substantially longer lifespan. On average, a LED bulb lasts 50 times longer than an average incandescent bulb. Most LEDs also have 5-year manufacturer warranty and a projected 10-year lifespan, so a retrofit essentially eliminates service and repair costs for the next five years. See how LEDs compare to other types of lighting in our lighting hierarchy post.

A full LED retrofit may not be for everyone, so the next best thing is to join a lighting maintenance program with a team of professionals that have the knowledge and experience to keep your lights looking great. They also have the proper equipment to handle those hard to reach places. It’s a small price to pay for professional help; especially if your lighting plays a big part in your everyday business.

There are many ways to improve your lighting and cut down costs, and a call with a specialist can help you settle on the best option. Click HERE to contact Relight to book a free lighting audit and let us help you figure out what’s the right solution for you.

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