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5 Places Where An Led Retrofit Will Pay for Itself

Most of us know that a LED Retrofit will save companies tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. However, an all-inclusive retrofit can be expensive to implement, so we have picked out 5 locations to help you prioritize your retrofit strategy. These places are often public spaces that are both high usage and high consumption, so they will see the biggest savings and impact from the retrofit. They practically pay for themselves.


The main lobby of any building makes perfect sense for a retrofit as the lights are on almost 24/7. The main lobby also have higher ceilings, which contributes to maintenance costs since high ceiling lights are difficult to repair and replace. The main lobby is also the first impression of the building, so burned out bulbs not only cost your more money but also can damage the aesthetics and brand of your property.


Stairs are also a no brainer for a LED retrofit because of the hazards associated with ill lit stair wells. Upgrading to LEDs not only brightens up the stairs but also help you cut down costs of replacement since LEDs are packaged with 5 year warranties and a 10-year projected life span. Just be thankful you don’t have to set up another ladder near a stair case any time soon.


Similar to stairwells, parking garages must be well lit to ensure the safety of its users. Since many parking garages are underground or surround by heavy concrete, they must use lighting even during the day. Naturally, that high usage consumes a lot of energy and is prone for burnouts. Upgrading to LEDs can reduce energy consumption by up to 85% and significantly cut down maintenance costs associated with burnouts. LEDs also provide a better lighting than older lighting solutions, which will reduce the likelihood of accidents in garages.


Although outdoor parking lots don’t have the lights on 24/7, they are still on a significant amount of time; especially in those winter months. They also have pole lights that are difficult to replace, amounting to high labor and maintenance costs. A LED retrofit quickly alleviates the problems of labor costs, and the parking lot will see savings immediately.


Similar to indoor parking garages, warehouse don’t have access to any natural light, so its light must be on for a great part of the day. It also incurs high maintenance and labor costs because of the height of its lights. Not only are replacements costly, they can also obstruct and interrupt every day operations since special equipment is often needed for service. For warehouses, an LED retrofit is both an energy solution and an operations solution.

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