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How Commercial EV Charging Stations Present Opportunity for Businesses

The face of gas stations is changing across North America; instead of a pump, you have a power cord, and instead of a standalone station, consumers can now power up anywhere. Anywhere fitted with the necessary charging infrastructure, that is.

In the coming years, we will see a fundamental shift in how consumers power their vehicles; with the majority of EV drivers recharging at home, there will be less reliance on dedicated fueling stations. This presents an opening for commercial businesses to benefit from opportunistic EV charging.

The installation of commercial EV charging stations can be a costly endeavour in Burnaby; however, the power to enact positive environmental change while promoting your business makes the installation of EV charging infrastructure something well worth considering.

Not sold yet? Here are five important benefits commercial EV charging stations can bring to your business.

1. Promote Customer and Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty

Today, more consumers and staff report valuing businesses with a strong position on ethically and environmentally friendly practices. While there are many ways to improve your company’s position on these issues, installing commercial EV charging stations is one way to show outsiders that you take environmental causes seriously.

Not only will you benefit from increased consumer loyalty and employee retention. But you may also qualify for generous government rebates on the purchase and installation of the commercial EV charging equipment. Now that’s smart business.

2. Increase Your Online Visibility

Companies spend a lot of money trying to get noticed online. But did you know that installing a commercial EV charging station can help put you on the map – literally? A growing number of applications, including Google maps and Waze, help connect EV drivers with charging infrastructure, and your business can earn itself a place on those maps, driving more traffic right to your doors.

3. Give Sales a Boost

Commercial EV charging stations can take an EV from empty to 80% in about an hour – the perfect amount of time for consumers to shop without clogging up resources. This could translate into increased sales for your business. A customer who was only running in to pick up a few things might now stay a little longer, making additional purchases while they wait.

4. Generate Direct Revenue

There are also ways to profit from commercial EV charging stations directly. In Burnaby, businesses can charge for EV charging, with users either paying by the hour or based on the amount of electricity used.

5. Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

Whether you own a grocery store, neighbourhood café, or an office building, commercial EV charging stations are a way to separate your business from the competition. Given a choice between two similar businesses, EV drivers are more likely to choose the one that can accommodate EV charging. This competitive advantage can help boost consumer loyalty, attract new business, and increase employee satisfaction.

Changing regulations and building codes now require new construction in Burnaby to come with the infrastructure needed to accommodate commercial EV charging stations; older businesses that fail to adapt to changing needs risk being left behind.

Instead of being an EV laggard, you can take the opportunity to be an EV leader in your area with commercial EV charging stations; it’s a small investment with a substantial long-term payoff.

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