EV Energy Management System
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Real time analytics leading to real time energy savings

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What can it do for you?

Improve energy reporting

Generate energy reports through historical data and accurately monitor environmental impact and sustainability objectives.

Predictive Equipment Failure

Accurately forecast and budget future energy costs through real time monitoring and historical data analysis.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy costs through pinpointing energy waste and identifying saving and retrofit opportunities.

How it works


Install Electric Sensors

We can install non-invasive sensors to an outgoing electrical wire to monitor the flow of electricity and measure the sign’s electrical usage. No maintenance is required on the sensors.


Sync sensors to software

We sync the sensors to analytics software which transmits energy consumption data wirelessly to a cloud-based analytics platform in real time.


Measure and Verify Energy Consumption

Relight’s platform provides clients with real time reports and insight on their electrical energy consumption, which can be used to optimize operations and cut energy costs.

Don’t just take our word for it

Li, The North Face Store

“By upgrading our lighting with Relight Solutions, we were able to cut our energy bill by nearly half when compared to same month last year.”

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John, Toy’s “R” Us Manager

“I appreciate the professionalism, enthusiasm, and pro-active approach of the Relight team. They made the process easy and affordable.”

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