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The Problem

Jackson Gardens is a small, beautifully strata building located near downtown Vancouver. With its beautifully landscaped garden, open air courtyard, and easy access to public transit, Jackson Gardens have been the home of choice for many metropolitan Vancouverites. Due to the building’s age, the strata council has seen a steady increase in monthly building maintenance fees; one of the biggest issues was repairing and replacing common area lighting. With that issue in mind, the strata council contacted Relight in seek of a solution.

The Solution

Relight began with a free on site energy assessment to identify the main causes of high energy and maintenance costs. After a thorough audit, the florescent lights in the parking lot were identified to be the largest source of energy and replacement costs. Together they accounted for over 70% of the strata’s common area lighting energy consumption and over 50% of maintenance costs. With the goal of reducing long-term energy consumption and maintenance costs, Relight decided a full LED retrofit was the right solution. The existing fluorescent lights were replaced with new and energy efficient LEDs, which drastically reduces monthly energy consumption. The LED products used have 5-year replacement warranties and 10-year life spans, meaning minimal maintenance fees for the next ten years.

The Results

Through the retrofit, the building will save more than 11,982 kWh of energy annually, which equals to $1,378 in annual energy savings. With the additional maintenance fee savings, the building is expected to save nearly $2,000 per year and $20,000 over the project lifetime. Relight also handled the rebate process on Jackson Gardens’ behalf, reducing the cost of the retrofit by another $876.