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Toys “R” Us

Project Highlights

kWH Saved Annually: 33,533
Rebate: $8,208
Rebate: 32

Toys “R” Us Canada, a leading specialty retailer of toys and baby products, faced reliability issues with their prominent sign along the Broadway corridor. The tall sign and challenging access resulted in mounting maintenance costs. Seeking a solution, we were engaged to assess the sign, leading to the identification of an LED retrofit as an ideal long-term resolution.

The Challenge

Toys “R” Us encountered difficulties with the sign’s reliability, coupled with high maintenance costs. The complex nature of the sign, combined with challenging access, necessitated a comprehensive solution to ensure long-term efficiency and reduced operational expenses.

Why The Client Chose Us

Toys “R” Us came to us seeking a full-service solution for their signage retrofit. Our turnkey service took care of everything from the initial assessment, solution design, installation, and rebate management, ensuring that the project was on time and on budget. Toys “R” Us received the maximum rebate available from BC Hydro for this retrofit.

How We Responded

Through a holistic assessment of the sign’s energy output and lighting structure, we identified a full LED retrofit as the ideal long-term solution. We proposed upgrading the current fluorescent lighting to new energy efficient LEDs, which would reduce energy consumption by 70%.

The Results

Through the retrofit, Toys “R” Us saved 33, 533 kWh of energy in 2015. It saved over $3,400 in energy costs and over $6,000 in maintenance and repair costs, granting nearly $10,000 in energy savings for the year. Savings are expected for the next 10 years, so Toys “R” Us is expected to save nearly $100,000 during the retrofit project lifetime. We also handled the rebate process on Toys “R” Us’ behalf, granting the company over $8,000 in rebates.

You can still spot the large Toys “R” Us sign from miles away in Metro Vancouver. Except now it is running more efficiently than ever, and will continue to bring smiles to children’s faces for many years to come.