We are a BC Hydro Alliance Member — ask us about EV charging & LED retrofit rebates.

Project Financing & Lighting as a Service (LAAS)

If cash flow is preventing you from making the switch to LED there are a variety of options available to help solve the problem of paying a large lump sum for a lighting retrofit. Instead of finding room in the budget for a capital investment on your lighting upgrade at the beginning of the project, you can use one of the below options. They will allow you to take advantage of the lighting upgrade you’ve been considering and make it cash-flow positive from day one.

The upfront cost of a retrofit can be a hurdle for any business, with our financing option we can work out a payment plan that fits your company’s needs. We will come to your business and install and warranty your new energy efficient lighting system on our own dime, then, with a portion of the money you save on reduced energy bills, you budget a monthly payment for your lighting. As part of this financing option, we will provide any ongoing maintenance (cleaning, repair, etc) with your sign during your payment plan.

As an Alliance Member of BC Hydro, we can facilitate financing with an approved financing provider to help cover the entire project cost, the net project cost after the rebate or an amount of your choosing. We will complete the work and provide the necessary warranties as usual, but in addition will facilitate the financing process. The selected financing company will pay us for the project costs and as the customer you will repay the finance provider over 1 – 7 years as decided between all three parties.

Vancity has Eco Efficiency Business Loans available to support local businesses and Not-For-Profit organizations that are seeking to improve their energy efficiency and environmental footprint. Vancity offers a preferred interest rate to finance up to 100% of the capital upgrade (maximum of $250,000). Similar to the other financing options, Vancity offers flexible amortization terms to help you manage your cash flow as you reap the rewards of having made the upgrade to LED.

All three of these options help solve the initial capital investment hurdle for many businesses. They allow our clients to move forward with retrofit projects and start receiving an instant return on their investment. Contact a Relight representative and begin capturing those significant energy savings.

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