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Licensed and experienced LED retrofit professionals

We are experts in all types of lighting service, specializing in lighting and signage retrofits. 

Our team of experienced electricians, energy auditors, and project managers can service all of your business’s sign, lighting and electrical maintenance needs.

By going forward with a LED retrofit ReLight can reduce energy costs, improve lighting, and provide a better customer experience. You can expect to save up to 85% of your lighting costs by upgrading to LEDs.

Contact us today for a free energy audit.

Lighting //
Not all LEDs are created equal

ReLight experts can find the best solutions to maximize energy savings, light quality and ease of installation. Each solution is custom built for your unique application. From retail to warehouse, we are your experts.

We provide portfolio management and industry leading warranties. 

Signage //
85% energy savings

Did you know your sign could be costing you thousands of dollars a year in electrical costs?

Retrofitting backlit signs to LEDs will reduce electrical costs, dramatically decrease your maintenance costs and make you more visible to your customers. The average payback for a lighting retrofit is under 14 months.

Maintenance //
Not ready to upgrade?

Our full service maintenance team can repair all types of lighting and signage.

Ask us about our maintenance agreement to guarantees lighting performance at no upfront cost to you. 

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