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Relight Donates 2000 Masks to Midwife Collective

Dan Lafferty, the president of Relight, along with his wife Jill, are expecting their first child in July. They have been in contact with a Midwives Collective to assist in the birth. In early April, when they found out the organization couldn’t secure the PPE supplies it needs to help deliver babies during the COVID-19 pandemic, they decided to act. […]

ASHRAE Standard 90.1: Lighting Compliance Simplified with Relight

Any new construction or renovations to existing buildings can lead to a mountain of paperwork – permits, insurance, estimates, vendor contracts, schedules, design specs, rebate applications, and ASHRAE compliance, to name a few. Choosing expert contractors like Relight can make a world of difference in managing paperwork such as rebate applications and ASHRAE 90.1 lighting […]

Trends in the Electric Vehicle Market and the Case for Installing EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been identified as a crucial step in reducing carbon emissions globally in the effort to slow climate change. The EV market is growing worldwide and with it, the demand for EV infrastructure, including charging stations and EV charging station installation services such as those offered through Relight. GROWING EV TRENDS AND […]

Pillowtalk Fundraiser Generates Over $43,000 for Local Homeless Youth Charity

We were delighted to take part as a sponsor for the recent “Pillowtalk Fundraiser” held in support of Vancouver charity Covenant House. The event raised over $43,000 for the charity which provides hope, housing, support, and resources to homeless and at-risk street youth aged 16-24 in the city, many of whom have fled abuse or […]

Relight Solutions Has Been Acquired by Nusutus Inc.

NuSutus Inc., a provider of global enterprise communications and managed network solutions is pleased to announce the acquisition of Relight Solutions Ltd. (Relight), a leading smart building integrator for commercial buildings. Together, NuSutus and Relight will better support commercial buildings, retail stores, and quick service restaurants as they unlock value and realize the potential of […]

Todd Talbot Features Relight Solutions on CTV Morning Live!

Home renovation expert, Todd Talbot worked with Relight Solutions in choosing smart lighting technology for his own renovation. Todd shared his smart lighting tips, featured a Relight retrofit success story savings of $25,000 a year on CTV Morning Live. Whether your setting the mood for romance, or hosting a dinner party with close friends.  Nothing […]

Save Even More with Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Rebate Program

If it wasn’t already compelling enough to invest in an energy retrofit for your organization, Energy Efficiency Alberta has made the decision even easier. Their new Energy Savings Program offers incentives in the form of cash-back rebates for organizations to purchase high energy efficient products, further reducing the barriers to saving money on your energy […]

Project Financing & Lighting as a Service (LAAS)

If cash flow is preventing you from making the switch to LED there are a variety of options available to help solve the problem of paying a large lump sum for a lighting retrofit. Instead of finding room in the budget for a capital investment on your lighting upgrade at the beginning of the project, […]

5 Places Where An Led Retrofit Will Pay for Itself

Most of us know that a LED Retrofit will save companies tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. However, an all-inclusive retrofit can be expensive to implement, so we have picked out 5 locations to help you prioritize your retrofit strategy. These places are often public spaces that are both high usage and […]

Lighting 101 – An In-Depth Look at Lighting Costs

Buying lighting is very similar to buying a car. Just like how a car has unseen costs such as insurance, maintenance, gas, and depreciation, lighting also have costs beyond just the sticker price. It’s important to know the different hidden costs associated with lighting, so you can make better purchasing decisions. Here we list and […]